Understanding the Symbolic Meaning of Candles in Weddings: What Does Candle Symbolize in Wedding?

Candles have been an essential part of wedding ceremonies for centuries. These small flickering flames hold a significant meaning in the minds of many people, representing love, unity, and commitment. These handcrafted pieces of wax are lit during the ceremony, symbolizing the love shared between the couple, as well as the bright future they’ll share together. But, have you ever wondered why candles are such an integral part of wedding ceremonies around the world?

Candles, in a wedding context, symbolize a lot more than just the illuminating presence that adds to the grandeur of the occasion. Different traditions view candles in their unique way, but they all agree on the symbolic and spiritual importance that they hold. Unity candles, a type of candle commonly found in Christian weddings, symbolize the coming together of two individuals to form a singular entity. Others believe that lighting candles creates a peaceful and loving environment, giving the couple a chance to reflect on their future together, free from the outside world.

The soft and warm glow of candles represents the deep love and affection that is shared between the spouses-to-be. It’s the symbol of a new beginning and a bright future, filled with warmth, love, and togetherness. Whether it is to create ambiance or to mark a significant event, candles have a romantic sense to them that is unmatched by any other object. This ancient tradition is a beautiful way of celebrating the commitment and union of two people in love.

History of using candles in weddings

Candles have been a traditional part of weddings for centuries, symbolizing different aspects of the ceremony and marriage. The symbolism of candles is so significant that it has been carried forward to modern times, even though the primary use of candles has now shifted to decorative purposes rather than functional ones.

Let’s delve into the usage of candles in weddings throughout history.

  • Ancient Rome: Romans believed that the smoke of candles carried their prayers to heaven, which is why they lit candles during wedding ceremonies.
  • Medieval Europe: During the medieval period, candles were a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Burning candles during weddings was a way for the couple to show off their wealth and social status.
  • Victorian Era: In the Victorian era, weddings were elaborate affairs, and candles were used extensively for lighting and decoration. The unity candle ceremony was also introduced during this period, where the bride and groom light a single candle together to symbolize their union.

Candles brought warmth, light, and ambiance to wedding ceremonies in earlier times. They were also an integral part of religious ceremonies and represented spirituality and faith. However, the use of candles now goes beyond their spiritual and religious implications.

Today, candles are used extensively in weddings for decoration and ambiance. They add a touch of elegance, romance, and sophistication to the ceremony and reception. Couples often use candles in centerpiece arrangements, for aisle decor, and to create a cozy atmosphere at the reception.

Overall, candles have come a long way from their religious and spiritual origins and have become an integral part of modern-day wedding celebrations.

Religious significance of candles in weddings

Lighting candles is a practice that is common in various religions and cultures worldwide. In weddings, candles have significant religious meanings, and their uses vary depending on the religion and ceremony involved.

  • In the Catholic Church, the lighting of candles during the wedding ceremony symbolizes the love between the bride and groom as well as the presence of God, who is believed to be joining the couple in matrimony. Typically, a Unity Candle ceremony is performed, where the couple lights a central candle together using two smaller candles, signifying their union.
  • For Jewish weddings, the lighting of candles is a vital aspect of the ceremony, where two candles are lit to represent the two families coming together. The bride will light one candle, and the groom will light the second candle, symbolizing the union of the families. In some traditions, candles may also be used to commemorate loved ones who have passed away.
  • In Hindu weddings, lighted candles or oil lamps may be used in a variety of wedding customs, from the welcoming of the groom to the bride’s entry to the mandap. These lamps, called diyas, represent the triumph of good over evil and the spreading of light over darkness, signifying the beginning of the couple’s journey of happiness together.

Aside from these traditional practices, modern weddings have also embraced the use of candles as a symbol of love and devotion. Some couples may choose to exchange candles instead of traditional wedding rings or incorporate a candle lighting ceremony into their vows.

Overall, the religious significance of candles in weddings is a beautiful tradition that has existed for many years. Candles represent love, illumination, and the presence of a higher power, creating a memorable and meaningful moment for the couple and their loved ones to treasure.

For weddings and other special events, candles are a must-have. Let us take a look at some of the best candle options you can use for these occasions.

Candle Type Symbolism
Taper Candles Symbolizes a couple’s journey together and the merging of their two lives into one.
Pillar Candles Represents stability, strength, and the couple’s commitment to each other.
Votive Candles Signifies support and symbolizes the circle of friends and loved ones who surround the couple in their married life.

These candles are not just perfect for weddings; they can also be used for other special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even for everyday use in your home. Pick the right candle that suits your taste and preference and enjoy the ambiance it brings to any event you organize or attend.

Cultural symbolism of candles in weddings

The use of candles in weddings is a tradition that is deeply rooted in numerous cultures around the world. Candles are often seen as a symbol of love, hope, and devotion between two people who are about to embark on a new journey together. They represent purity, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment, which is why they are frequently included in wedding ceremonies.

  • Christianity: In Christian weddings, candles symbolize the presence of God and the light of faith that should guide the couple throughout their marriage. The use of candles, especially during the unity candle ceremony, signifies the unification of two individuals into one; the light from two candles is used to light a third candle, which represents the newly formed couple and their shared life together.
  • Hinduism: In Hindu weddings, candles typically represent the eternal light of knowledge and truth. They are lit to invoke the blessings of the gods and bring good fortune to the couple, their families, and their guests.
  • Judaism: In Jewish weddings, candles symbolize the sanctity of marriage, the warmth of the home, and the light of God’s presence. Two candles are lit, one by each member of the couple, to signify the two separate lives uniting as one.

Besides, candles play a significant role in many wedding rituals and customs. For instance, the couple may light a unity candle during the wedding ceremony to symbolize their shared future. Some couples also choose to give candles as wedding favors to their guests as a reminder of the love and warmth they shared on their special day.

Furthermore, the color of the candle is also significant in many cultures. Red symbolizes passion and love, while white represents purity and innocence. Blue is often associated with loyalty, trust, and stability and is a popular choice for Jewish and Hindu weddings. Candle arrangements with mixed colors are also common, with each color representing different aspects of marriage and love.

Color Symbolism
Red Passion, love, desire
White Purity, innocence, comfort, unity
Blue Loyalty, trust, stability, peace, protection, and good fortune
Yellow Optimism, positivity, and faith

In conclusion, candles are a beautiful and symbolic addition to any wedding ceremony. They represent not only the love and commitment between two individuals but also the values that guide and strengthen their bond. Whether used as centerpieces or in special ceremonies, candles hold a special place in weddings when it comes to cultural symbolism.

Different types of candles used in weddings

When it comes to weddings, candles play a significant role in setting the ambiance and elevating the overall mood of the event. Different types of candles are used in weddings to create an unforgettable atmosphere, from traditional pillar candles to exquisite taper candles.

Here are some of the most commonly-used candles in weddings:

  • Pillar candles: These candles are one of the most popular types used in weddings. They come in various sizes and shapes, making them versatile and easy to use. Pillar candles symbolize unity as they are often used in unity ceremonies, where two flames merge into one.
  • Taper candles: Taper candles are long, skinny candles that add elegance and sophistication to any wedding decor. They are often used in candelabras and represent the everlasting love between the couple.
  • Tea light candles: These small candles are perfect for adding a subtle glow to tables, centerpieces, and other wedding decor. They symbolize the warmth and intimacy of the couple’s love and the hope for a bright future together.

In addition to these traditional types of candles, there are also unique and creative options that can add a personal touch to the wedding decor:

One creative idea is to use scented candles, which can add not only a romantic ambiance but also a soothing aroma to the wedding atmosphere.

Another unique option is to use floating candles, which can be placed in water-filled vases or bowls to create a stunning centerpiece. These candles symbolize the couple’s journey together and the flow of their love.

If you are looking for even more ways to incorporate candles into your wedding, consider creating a candlescape. A candlescape is a beautiful display of candles of various shapes, sizes, and heights arranged in an artful way. This arrangement can represent the couple’s journey and all the different steps they took to arrive at their wedding day.

Using candles in your wedding decor is an excellent way to add a romantic and intimate atmosphere to the event. Whatever type or style of candles you choose to incorporate, they are sure to symbolize the love and unity between the couple and create an unforgettable setting for the celebration of their special day.

Candle Type Symbolism
Pillar candles Unity
Taper candles Eternal love
Tea light candles Intimacy and hope
Floating candles Journey and flow of love

Significance of unity candle ceremony

The unity candle ceremony is a popular ritual performed during wedding ceremonies in many cultures. It involves lighting a large candle, known as the unity candle, with two smaller candles that represent the bride and groom. As one candle is lit from the other two, the couple symbolizes the merging of their lives into one.

  • The unity candle ceremony represents the coming together of two individuals, families, and communities. The lighting of the unity candle signifies the union of two separate lives and the creation of a new family bond.
  • The unity candle ceremony reflects the spiritual connection between the bride and groom. It symbolizes the spiritual union of the two souls and their commitment to a lifelong journey together.
  • The unity candle represents the light of love, hope, and faith in the couple’s new journey together.

The unity candle ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful ritual that provides a memorable moment during the wedding ceremony. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of unity, love, and commitment in any relationship.

There are different variations of the unity candle ceremony, and the couple can personalize it to reflect their unique values and beliefs. Some couples choose to add a reading or special song during the ceremony, while others opt for a sand ceremony or a handfasting ritual. Whatever the format, the purpose remains the same: to celebrate the union of two people in love and their commitment to each other.

Symbolism Description
Unity Candle The large candle in the center represents the unity of the couple and their families.
Bride and Groom Candles The two smaller candles represent the bride and groom, respectively.
Light The act of lighting the unity candle represents the merging of two separate lives into one.

The unity candle ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize the beginning of a new journey for the married couple. It is a reminder that love and commitment are the foundation of a successful relationship and that the couple can draw strength from each other as they embark on this journey together.

Candle lighting rituals in different wedding ceremonies

Candle lighting is a popular ritual in weddings and symbolizes the essence of the wedding ceremony. It represents bringing two individual flames together to create a new flame, a new life, and a new connection. The lighting of candles is a beautiful and significant part of a wedding ceremony and has been a tradition for centuries.

  • The Unity Candle: The most popular candle lighting ritual in a wedding ceremony is the unity candle. It involves the bride and groom taking two candles, lighting them, and then using them to light a third bigger candle. This third candle symbolizes the joining of the two individuals into one entity. The Unity candle ceremony can either be performed by the couple alone, with their families, or during the entire wedding party.
  • The Seven Candle Ritual: In Jewish weddings, there is a tradition called the Seven Candle ritual. The ritual involves lighting seven candles, each representing a significant aspect of life which the couple will experience together; thus, it is also called the “Seven Blessings.” The Rabbi blesses each candle and then the couple lights each one, reaffirming their commitment to each other.
  • The Taper Candles: The Taper Candles are a popular candle lighting ritual in European weddings. It involves the couple lighting two taper candles during the ceremony. These candles represent the individuality and independence of the bride and groom. After the exchange of vows, the couple uses the two tapers to light a larger, single, center candle, representing their union and the merging of their lives into one.

While all of these candle lighting rituals have different meanings and cultural significance, they all have one thing in common, which is to symbolize the strong bond of love between two individuals.

The Significance of the Number 6 in Candle Lighting

The number 6 represents harmony, peace, balance, and stability. The symbolism of the number 6 is essential in candle lighting rituals, particularly in the Unity Candle ceremony. The Unity candle ceremony involves three candles, two taper candles, and a center candle, which the couple lights together.

The blending of two flames into one represents the union of the bride and groom. The two taper candles represent the individuality of the bride and groom, while the center candle represents the newly formed union. The two taper candles on either side of the center candle make six, symbolizing the perfect balance of two persons, which lead to the formation of a new entity.

Candle Significance
Taper Candle 1 Bride’s individuality
Taper Candle 2 Groom’s individuality
Center Candle Their union

The symbolism of the number 6 in the Unity Candle ceremony is significant as it represents the balance and harmony between two persons who are now united in matrimony. This ceremony serves as a reminder to the couple of their commitment to each other and the importance of a balanced life together.

Decoration Ideas Using Candles in Weddings

Candles are a timeless and romantic addition to any wedding décor. They add warmth and elegance to the atmosphere and are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions. In many cultures, candles hold significant symbolism and are often incorporated into wedding ceremonies. In this article, we will explore what candles symbolize in weddings and provide you with some decoration ideas for your special day.

The Number 7

The number 7 holds a significant meaning in many aspects of life and culture, and it is no different when it comes to weddings. In the Christian faith, the number 7 represents completeness and perfection, as it is believed that God created the world in 7 days. It is also considered a lucky number in many cultures and is associated with good fortune.

When it comes to weddings, the number 7 is often incorporated through the use of candles. Couples may choose to use 7 candles in their ceremony or reception décor to represent the significance of the number. For example, 7 candles can be used to create a centerpiece or placed down the aisle for the bride to walk through. The 7 candles can also be lit during the ceremony to symbolize the joining of two families or the unity of the couple.

  • Consider using 7 taper candles in a variety of heights to create a stunning centerpiece
  • Incorporate 7 candles of different sizes and shapes into your table settings
  • Create a dramatic entrance to your reception by placing 7 pillar candles in a row

Using Candles to Create Ambiance

Candles are a wonderful way to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere at your wedding. They are perfect for creating soft lighting and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your wedding décor.

Consider using candles in the following ways:

  • Use pillar candles in hurricane lanterns or glass vases to line the aisle
  • Create a cozy lounge area with a mix of candles in different sizes and colors
  • Hang chandeliers filled with candles over your reception tables or dance floor

Table runners made of greenery, with candles in different sizes and shapes scattered throughout, also make a beautiful and natural centerpiece.

Candlelight Dinner

Why not take advantage of the warm and cozy atmosphere that candles create and opt for a candlelit dinner for your reception? Serve your guests a delicious meal with the soft glow of candles in the background. Mix and match candles of different sizes and heights on each table to create depth and interest to your table setting.

Candle Type Duration Benefits
Taper Candles Approximately 6 hours Perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere
Pillar Candles Approximately 9 hours Great for adding height and depth to table settings
Votive Candles Approximately 4 hours Perfect for scatter arrangements

When it comes to using candles in your wedding décor, the possibilities are truly endless. From incorporating the number 7 for added significance to creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere, candles are a simple and timeless addition to any wedding.

Candles as Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to express your gratitude towards your guests for sharing in your special day. They can be simple gestures that leave a lasting impression. And what could be more memorable than a candle as a wedding favor? Not only do candles provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, but they also make for a beautiful and practical gift. Here, we’ll take a closer look at candles as wedding favors, including the significance of the number eight.

The Significance of the Number Eight

  • The number eight is considered lucky in many cultures and traditions
  • It symbolizes balance, harmony, and abundance
  • In Chinese culture, the word for “eight” sounds like the word for “prosperity” or “wealth”
  • Some believe that candles in sets of eight can bring good luck and positive energy into a space
  • Using candles in groups of eight at a wedding can represent a wish for the couple to have a prosperous and harmonious life together

Choosing the Right Candle

When selecting candles as wedding favors, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Consider the style and theme of your wedding
  • Choose a scent that is soft and subtle
  • Opt for clean-burning, natural wax candles
  • Personalize the candles with custom labels or packaging

Candle Displays

Creating a beautiful candle display at your wedding can add a touch of elegance and create a cozy atmosphere. Consider using candles of varying heights and sizes, and grouping them together in sets of eight. You can also incorporate candles into your table centerpieces or use them to line the aisle for your ceremony. Whatever you choose, candles are sure to add warmth and charm to your special day.

Pros Cons
Candles as wedding favors are useful and practical gifts that guests will love Scented candles may bother guests with allergies or sensitivities
They can be personalized to match your wedding style and color scheme Candles may become a fire hazard if not handled carefully
Candles can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere Shipping candles can be difficult and costly

Overall, candles make for beautiful and heartfelt wedding favors that guests are sure to appreciate. By incorporating the number eight into your candle choices and displays, you can symbolize your wishes for a happy and prosperous future with your partner.

Alternatives to using traditional candles in weddings

Although candles are a staple in most weddings, sometimes, couples may want to deviate from the norm and try something different. Here, we present you with some creative alternatives to traditional candles that can still bring in the romance and intimacy to your wedding:

  • Fairy lights – These tiny lights emit a soft glow that sets a romantic ambience. They can be draped around the venue, entwined with flowers, or mixed with foliage to create a magical atmosphere.
  • Lanterns – Lanterns are perfect for an outdoor or rustic-themed wedding. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be used to line aisles, hung from trees, or clustered together as centerpieces.
  • LED candles – If you want to avoid real flames or wax, LED candles are a great option. They come in different colors and shapes, and some are remote-controlled, allowing you to adjust the brightness or set a timer.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can consult a wedding stylist or planner to help you find the right decor that fits your style and budget.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that in some cultures, certain numbers are thought to bring good luck or bad luck. For instance, the number 9 is considered auspicious in Chinese culture, as it’s pronounced similarly to the word “long-lasting.” Therefore, some Chinese couples may choose to light 9 candles during their wedding ceremony to symbolize a long and prosperous marriage.

Number Symbolism
1 Unity
2 Harmony
3 Completeness
4 Stability
5 Adventure
6 Happiness
7 Luck
8 Prosperity
9 Longevity

Whether you decide to stick with traditional candles or try something new, remember that what matters most is that you and your partner feel happy and comfortable on your big day.

Importance of Candlelight in Creating a Romantic Atmosphere at Weddings

Weddings are a time for love, romance, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. One of the most effective ways to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere at a wedding is through the use of candlelight. Candles have been used in wedding ceremonies for centuries, and they continue to symbolize the love, unity, and commitment between two people.

  • Candles provide a warm and inviting glow that can soften the mood and create a romantic atmosphere. They are perfect for creating a sense of intimacy and togetherness.
  • Candlelight is also flattering and can create an aura of warmth and beauty that enhances the overall ambiance of the wedding.
  • Candles can also enhance the overall design and decor of the wedding. They are a great way to add personality and style to the ceremony and reception.

One of the most important things to consider when using candles as a part of the wedding decor is the number of candles that will be used. The number 10 symbolizes completeness and perfection, making it an excellent number to incorporate into a wedding ceremony.

Number of Candles Symbolism
1 Candle Unity
2 Candles Balance and Harmony
3 Candles Happiness and Fertility
4 Candles Stability and Solidarity
5 Candles Health and Wealth
6 Candles Peace and Tranquility
7 Candles Luck and Fortune
8 Candles Renewal and Regeneration
9 Candles Enlightenment
10 Candles Completeness and Perfection

Using 10 candles in the wedding ceremony or reception will create an overall sense of completeness and perfection, one that is sure to be remembered by all who attend. The use of candles as a part of the wedding ceremony is a beautiful and timeless tradition that will never go out of style.

FAQs: What Does Candle Symbolize in Wedding?

1. Why do couples light candles during the wedding ceremony?

Candles are lit to symbolize the couple’s unity. It represents the joining of two separate lives into one marriage.

2. What does the unity candle ceremony signify?

The unity candle ceremony involves the lighting of two taper candles by the bride and groom, which are then used to light a larger pillar candle. This symbolizes the merging of their families and lives together.

3. What do the colors of the candles mean?

White candles represent purity and sincerity, while red candles represent passion and love. Some couples choose other colors that hold personal significance.

4. Can anyone light the candles during the wedding ceremony?

Typically, the officiant or a designated candle lighter will handle the candles during the ceremony. However, some couples choose to involve members of their family or bridal party in the candle lighting ritual.

5. Is it necessary to include a candle ceremony in the wedding?

No, it’s not necessary. The unity candle ceremony is just one of many symbolic rituals that couples may choose to include in their ceremony to personalize and add meaning to their wedding day.

6. What happens to the candles after the wedding?

Many couples keep the unity candle as a keepsake after the wedding. The taper candles used during the ceremony may be given as gifts to members of the bridal party or family members.

7. Can candles be used in outdoor weddings?

Yes, candles can be used in outdoor weddings. However, the couple should ensure that the candles are protected from wind or other environmental factors that may cause them to go out.

Closing: Thanks for Reading!

We hope this guide has helped you understand the symbolism behind candles in weddings. Remember, the unity candle ceremony is just a small part of the many beautiful traditions that make weddings so special. Thanks for reading, and please visit us again for more wedding inspiration!