What Does Bird Box Symbolize: Decoding the Hidden Meanings of the 2018 Netflix Movie

Bird Box is a popular movie that has generated a lot of buzz in recent times. One of the things that have piqued the interest of viewers is the symbolism in the movie. At its core, Bird Box is a story about survival in a world that has gone crazy. But if you peel back the layers and delve deeper, you will find a world of metaphor that reflects our current reality.

In the movie, the birds in the box symbolize many things. For some, they represent hope and the possibility of redemption. For others, they symbolize the vulnerability that we all face as individuals in a world that is often cruel and unforgiving. The box itself can be seen as a kind of protection that individuals build up around themselves as a way of coping with the harsh realities of life.

Without a doubt, Bird Box is a movie that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. It has a powerful message that speaks directly to our hearts and minds. By questioning the symbolism in the film, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, which can lead to a greater sense of empathy and compassion – something that we all need in these turbulent times.

The significance of blindfolds in Bird Box

The use of blindfolds in Bird Box serves as a powerful symbol that carries significant meaning throughout the film. Here are several reasons why blindfolds are so vital to the story:

  • Protection: Blindfolds are a tool to protect the characters from seeing the monsters that drive people insane. It parallels how we sometimes try to shield ourselves from things that scare us in real life. It also emphasizes that sometimes, what we don’t see can be even more terrifying than what we can see.
  • Loss of Vision: The film explores what it means to lose one’s vision both literally and metaphorically. Sandra Bullock’s character, Malorie, loses her sight at the beginning of the film, and it’s not until she’s forced to leave the safety of her home that she must learn to use her other senses to survive. The blindfolds symbolize the inability to see, which reinforces this motif.
  • Unity: Blindfolds are also significant to the theme of unity in the face of adversity. When everyone is blindfolded, it makes no difference what someone looks like or what they believe, they are all in the same situation and must work together to survive. It’s a powerful symbol of how our differences can be overcome in times of crisis when we come together.

The use of blindfolds in Bird Box is just one of the many ways the film uses symbolism to convey its themes. The blindfolds add to the tension and desperation of the characters as they navigate a world that has been turned upside down. It’s a reminder that sometimes, we have to close our eyes to truly see what’s important.

Fear as a Driving Theme in Bird Box

Fear is a primal emotion that plays a significant role in the movie Bird Box. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where an unseen entity drives people who see it to commit suicide. This unseen entity is never revealed, but its effects on the characters are enough to induce fear in both the characters and the audience. Fear is a driving theme in Bird Box, and it is portrayed in various ways throughout the movie.

The Symbolism of Fear in Bird Box

  • Fear is the catalyst that drives the characters to take action. The characters who survive have to overcome their fear of the unknown and adapt to the new reality. This fear of the unknown is one of the primary reasons that Malorie, the protagonist, is so guarded and distant from others.
  • Fear is also portrayed as a form of survival instinct. When characters encounter danger, fear helps them react quickly and decisively to protect themselves and others.
  • Fear can also be a hindrance to survival. Characters in the movie who are overly fearful are often the first to succumb to the entity’s effects. Fear can cloud judgment and lead to rash decisions.

The Effects of Fear on the Characters

The characters in Bird Box experience fear in different ways and to varying degrees. Some characters, like Malorie, are strong and able to take control of their fear. Others, like Olympia, are consumed by their fear and make costly mistakes. The fear experienced by the characters is heightened by the fact that the entity is never seen or fully understood. This fear of the unknown is one of the most potent forms of fear.

The effects of fear on the characters are illustrated throughout the movie. Fear can cause characters to act selfishly, make irrational decisions, or freeze in terror. On the other hand, fear can also bring out the best in the characters. It can drive them to work together and support each other in times of crisis.

The Importance of Facing Fear

In the movie, Malorie is the epitome of someone who must face her fear. She is forced to confront her fear of the unknown to protect herself and the children that she cares for. Facing fear is crucial for survival in the world of Bird Box. Characters who ignore their fear or let it consume them often pay the ultimate price. However, those who face their fear head-on can take control of their lives and work towards a positive outcome.

The Importance of Facing Fear Examples from Bird Box
Increased resilience Malorie becomes stronger as she confronts her fear
Improved decision-making Characters who face their fear make better decisions
Greater sense of control Characters who take control of their fear have a greater sense of control over their lives

In conclusion, fear is a driving theme in Bird Box. It drives the characters to take action, compels them to adapt, and can be both a survival instinct and a hindrance to survival. The movie illustrates the importance of facing fear, both for personal growth and for survival. The characters who face their fear head-on are the ones who come out on top in the end.

The role of motherhood and maternal bonds in Bird Box

Bird Box, a terrifying post-apocalyptic movie, portrays a world where humans are forced to wear blindfolds or risk seeing a mysterious force that drives them to madness and suicide. Amidst all the chaos, the movie highlights the themes of motherhood and maternal bonds. Here’s how:

The movie is centered around Malorie, a pregnant woman who seeks refuge with other survivors in a house. She later gives birth to a boy and a girl. She takes up the responsibility of raising them in a world that is full of danger and uncertainties. Both mother and children are blindfolded every time they leave the house to collect resources or search for new sanctuary. Malorie bonds with her children, and they rely on her for guidance and protection.

The portrayal of motherhood in Bird Box is multifaceted. Here are three aspects of it:

  • Maternal instincts: The movie highlights the strong maternal instincts that drive Malorie’s actions. She is willing to go to any length to protect her children, even if it means breaking the rules or risking her own life. For example, when the group decides to split up, Malorie volunteers to take the children with her, despite the danger of traveling blindfolded, alone, and pregnant. She reassures her children, “I’m gonna keep you safe, okay? Nothing’s gonna hurt you.”
  • Motherhood and survival: In a world where survival is the primary goal, Malorie’s maternal role is essential. She teaches the children how to survive by practical means, such as using touch and sound to navigate their surroundings. She also becomes their emotional anchor in a world where the definition of normalcy is changing rapidly. She tells the children, “You have to do every single thing I say or we will not make it.” They trust her implicitly, and their bond is strengthened by their shared struggle for survival.
  • Selflessness and sacrifice: Motherhood in Bird Box is characterized by selflessness and sacrifice. Malorie’s decision to blind herself to save her children is the ultimate expression of a mother’s love. She doesn’t hesitate to take this drastic action because she knows it’s the only way to ensure that her children are safe. Her sacrifice epitomizes the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her offspring.

The Takeaway

Bird Box is a terrifying movie that explores the themes of motherhood and maternal bonds in a post-apocalyptic world. The movie highlights the strong maternal instincts that drive Malorie’s actions and the essential role of motherhood in survival. It also emphasizes the selflessness and sacrifice that form the cornerstone of a mother’s love. Ultimately, Bird Box’s portrayal of motherhood underscores the universal truth that the love of a mother for her children transcends all boundaries.

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The Symbolism of the River in Bird Box

Bird Box, a novel by Josh Malerman, is a story about a woman and her two children who must navigate their surroundings blindfolded in order to avoid the mysterious creatures that have wiped out most of the world’s population. Throughout the novel, the river serves as a recurring symbol that represents different themes and ideas.

The River as a Barrier

  • The river in Bird Box is a physical barrier between the characters and the creatures that roam the land. The river serves as a protective barrier that shields the characters from danger.
  • The river also symbolizes the psychological barriers that people put up to protect themselves from harm. Characters in the novel such as Tom and Olympia have put up emotional barriers to shield themselves from their traumatic pasts.
  • The river serves as a boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The creatures in Bird Box are thought to be spirits or ghosts that are attracted to the living. The river serves as a boundary that spirits cannot cross.

The River as a Source of Life

The river in Bird Box symbolizes life and fertility. The characters must rely on the river for food, water, and transportation. The river is a source of life that gives the characters hope and sustenance.

The River as a Metaphor for Life

The river in Bird Box is a metaphor for life and the journey that the characters must take. The characters must navigate the river blindly, relying on their intuition and instincts to survive. Similarly, in life, we must navigate our own paths blindly, relying on our experiences and our instincts to guide us through the unknown.

Symbolism Representation
The River A Barrier
The River A Source of Life
The River A Metaphor for Life

In conclusion, the river in Bird Box serves as a powerful symbol that represents different themes and ideas throughout the novel. As a barrier, it protects the characters from harm, both physically and mentally. As a source of life, it gives them hope and sustenance. And as a metaphor for life, it represents the journey that we must all take blindly, relying on our instincts to guide us.

The Connection Between Mental Health and the Monsters in Bird Box

One of the central themes explored in Bird Box is the connection between mental health and the monsters that threaten the characters in the story. The monsters are never seen by the characters, but they are described as beings that can drive a person insane simply by being looked at. This leads to a pervasive sense of fear and anxiety throughout the story, as the characters are forced to navigate the world with their eyes closed in order to avoid being driven to madness. Here are some of the ways in which mental health plays a role in the story:

  • Malorie, the main character, struggles with depression and anxiety from the very beginning of the story. She is pregnant and alone, and she worries constantly about her ability to care for her child in the chaotic post-apocalyptic world that she finds herself in.
  • Many of the characters that Malorie meets along the way have also been affected by mental health issues. Douglas, for example, is a paranoid and abrasive man who is constantly on edge. Olympia, another pregnant woman who joins Malorie’s group, suffers from extreme stress and anxiety that worsens as the story progresses.
  • The monsters in the story can be seen as a manifestation of the characters’ mental health struggles. They are a physical representation of the anxiety and fear that they are experiencing, and they serve as a reminder of their vulnerability and mortality.

Ultimately, the story of Bird Box can be read as a meditation on the challenges of living with a mental health condition in an unpredictable and dangerous world. The characters are forced to confront their deepest fears and anxieties, and they must find the strength to keep going in the face of incredible odds. Through it all, the story underscores the importance of empathy, community, and resilience in the face of adversity.

The significance of the birds in Bird Box

The Number 6

In the movie Bird Box, the protagonist, Malorie, navigates the dangerous post-apocalyptic world with the help of a small group of survivors. Among her companions are two birds, whose significance as a symbol of hope and redemption is emphasized throughout the film. But why specifically two birds? And why six of them were used in the production of the movie?

The number 6 holds a certain significance in various religions and belief systems. For example, in Christianity, it is associated with creation and the day on which God created humans. In other belief systems, it is considered the number of harmony and balance, as it is the sum of the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

  • In the context of Bird Box, the use of six birds could be interpreted as a representation of balance and harmony that is ultimately disrupted by the arrival of the chaotic, unseen force that drives people to madness and death.
  • The two birds carried around by Malorie and her companions could be seen as a microcosm of this larger theme, representing the precarious balance that they must strike in order to survive in such a dangerous world.
  • Their care and protection of the birds symbolize their desire to maintain some semblance of hope and normalcy amidst the chaos surrounding them.
  • Additionally, the use of six birds as opposed to two emphasizes the contrast between order and disorder, and how easily the latter can disrupt the former.

It’s important to note that the number of birds used in the production is not explicitly referred to in the film, so this interpretation is open to some degree of speculation. Regardless, the presence of the birds in Bird Box serves as a powerful symbol of the human desire to cling onto hope and balance in the face of overwhelming darkness and despair.


In conclusion, the use of birds in Bird Box is a powerful symbol of hope and redemption, and their significance is emphasized throughout the movie. The number 6 is used to represent balance and harmony that is ultimately disrupted by the chaos and destruction of the post-apocalyptic world. Through their care and protection of the birds, Malorie and her companions symbolize the human desire to maintain hope and normalcy amidst the darkest of situations.

The symbolism used in Bird Box serves to emphasize the fragility of hope and the human desire to maintain balance even in the face of overwhelming darkness. By incorporating various religious and cultural symbolism, the movie offers a complex and nuanced interpretation of the human capacity for resilience and hope.

The symbolism of choice and free will in Bird Box: The number 7

In Bird Box, the number 7 is a recurring element that carries significant symbolism when it comes to choice and free will.

  • There are 7 walls separating Malorie and the outside world before she reaches the safety of the sanctuary.
  • There are 7 birds in the box, each representing a different aspect of Malorie’s psyche.
  • There are 7 people in the house during the early stages of the apocalypse, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that factor into the group’s decision-making process.

What is the significance of the number 7 in Bird Box? For one, the number 7 has traditionally been seen as a lucky number, representing completeness and perfection. In many cultures, it is associated with the divine and believed to be a symbol of good luck and spiritual awakening. This may suggest that the choices made by the characters in Bird Box are guided by a higher power, pushing them towards survival and the greater good.

At the same time, the number 7 also represents mystery and secrets. There are many things that remain hidden or unknown in Bird Box, such as the true nature of the creatures, the origins of the apocalypse, and even the identity of some of the characters themselves. This sense of mystery and the unknown give the characters a certain level of agency and free will, allowing them to make choices and decisions that will determine their fate.

Symbolism Interpretation

Hope and redemption
Two birds Precarious balance
Six birds Representation of balance and harmony
Disruptive force Chaos and destruction
Symbolism of the number 7 in Bird Box
Luck and completeness Guidance towards survival and the greater good
Mystery and secrets Allows for free will and agency in decision-making

Ultimately, the symbolism of the number 7 in Bird Box speaks to the complex and often conflicting forces at play when it comes to choice and free will. While the characters might be guided by fate or a higher power, they still have the ability to shape their own destiny through the choices they make and the actions they take.

The commentary on human behavior and survival in Bird Box

The symbolism of the number 8

The number 8 plays a significant role in the symbolism of Bird Box. The survivors in the movie are confined to a house with eight windows, and Malorie’s group has eight people in it. This number represents regeneration, rebirth, and the cycle of life and death. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is also considered lucky, and it is often associated with wealth and success. As a symbol in Bird Box, the number 8 represents hope, survival, and the possibility of a new beginning.

  • Eight windows in the house represent the different perspectives and viewpoints of the survivors. Each character has their own way of dealing with the crisis, and their beliefs and values often come into conflict. The windows also represent the outside world and the dangers that lurk outside. They provide a limited view of the world, reminding the characters of their vulnerability and the need to rely on each other for survival.
  • Eight survivors in Malorie’s group represent the different stages of grief and the resilient spirit of humanity. Each character has a unique backstory and personality, and they must learn to work together to overcome their fears and limitations. They also represent the diversity and complexity of human behavior and emotions in extreme situations.
  • The number 8 also represents the cyclical nature of life and death. The survivors in the house are trapped in a never-ending cycle of fear and paranoia, where death is always lurking around the corner. However, the birth of Malorie’s children represents the possibility of new life and hope for the future. The number 8 reminds us that even in the darkest of times, life finds a way to continue and thrive.

In conclusion, the number 8 is a powerful symbol in Bird Box, representing hope, regeneration, and the cycle of life and death. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of unimaginable horror and tragedy, humanity has the capacity to survive and overcome its greatest challenges.

The role of community and trust in Bird Box

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie that tells the story of a survival challenge where humans are forced to stay indoors to avoid getting killed by supernatural entities. The movie emphasizes the need for community and trust as keys to survival, as we can find in the following subtopics.

The importance of Community

  • In Bird Box, humanity is facing a common danger that they cannot defeat alone.
  • The characters must come together to share resources, skills, and knowledge to increase their chances of survival.
  • Through a strong sense of community, the characters can gain the emotional support necessary to overcome the challenges of their situation.

The power of Trust

Trust is also a critical element in the survival of the characters in Bird Box. Here are some ways the movie explores trust:

  • The characters have to trust that those who lead them are making the right decisions for the group.
  • They must trust one another enough to make sacrifices for the group.
  • The characters must also rely on their intuition and trust their instincts to avoid danger.

The role of the number 9

In Bird Box, the number 9 is used as a symbol of hope and unity. Nine survivors come together to fight the entities, and only nine birds can be kept in a single box.

Symbolism Meaning
9 Survivors Unity and teamwork
9 Birds Hope for survival

The number 9 reminds the characters in the movie that they need to work together and trust one another to overcome their common enemy. It is a reminder that even in the face of disaster, there is always hope when people come together.

The Connection Between Bird Box and Other Dystopian/Apocalyptic Narratives

Bird Box is just one of many recent dystopian/apocalyptic narratives that have gripped audiences worldwide. While each story has its own unique elements, there are common themes and symbols that can be seen across the genre.

  • The Fear of the Unknown – In Bird Box, the main characters are forced to navigate through the world while blindfolded in order to avoid being driven to madness by the mysterious creatures outside. This fear of the unknown is a common thread in many dystopian/apocalyptic narratives. Whether it’s zombies, aliens, or an unknown virus, the fear of the thing that cannot be explained is a key factor in many stories of the end of the world.
  • The Struggle for Survival – Another common theme is the constant struggle for survival. In Bird Box, the characters are forced to adapt and fight to stay alive in a world where simply opening your eyes can be deadly. This can also be seen in other narratives, such as The Walking Dead or The Hunger Games.
  • The Importance of Community – Despite the harsh and often isolating conditions of a dystopian world, many stories emphasize the importance of human connection and community. In Bird Box, we see the main characters band together and form their own makeshift family in order to increase their chances of survival. This theme can also be seen in other narratives, such as the post-apocalyptic world in The Road.

Additionally, Bird Box features several symbols that are common in dystopian/apocalyptic narratives, such as the use of birds as a symbol of hope and the color red as a warning of danger. These symbols can be seen in other stories, such as the use of fire in Lord of the Flies or the Mockingjay in The Hunger Games.

Overall, while each dystopian/apocalyptic narrative may have its own unique elements, there are common themes and symbols that can be found across the genre. From the fear of the unknown to the importance of community, these stories reflect our own anxieties about the future and what could be lurking just around the corner.


Dystopian/Apocalyptic Narrative Common Themes/Symbols
Bird Box Fear of the unknown, struggle for survival, importance of community, birds as a symbol of hope, the color red as a warning of danger
The Hunger Games Oppression by those in power, the importance of community and unity, the mockingjay as a symbol of rebellion and hope
The Walking Dead Survival in a post-apocalyptic world, the dangers of hoarding and power grabs, the importance of community, zombies as a symbol of death and decay

FAQs: What Does Bird Box Symbolize?

1. What is Bird Box?

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic horror film that features a dystopian world where people have to blindfold themselves to avoid seeing a supernatural presence that drives them to commit suicide.

2. What does the birds in Bird Box symbolize?

The birds in Bird Box represent hope, life, and innocence. They are a symbol of life that needs protection and care in the midst of a dark and chaotic world.

3. What does the blindfold in Bird Box symbolize?

The blindfold in Bird Box symbolizes the need to rely on other senses aside from sight. It represents the importance of trust, faith, and intuition in navigating through life’s challenges.

4. What does the river in Bird Box symbolize?

The river in Bird Box symbolizes a journey to salvation and hope. It represents a passage to a new beginning that presents both danger and the possibility of a better future.

5. What does the creature in Bird Box symbolize?

The creature in Bird Box symbolizes the fears and anxieties that humans face in life. It represents the unknown and the things that people fear but cannot see.

6. What does the house in Bird Box symbolize?

The house in Bird Box symbolizes a temporary refuge from the harsh realities of the world outside. It represents a sense of safety and isolation from the dangers of the outside world.

7. What does the ending in Bird Box symbolize?

The ending in Bird Box symbolizes the possibility of a new beginning and hope for the future. It reminds us that even after enduring the darkest of times, hope can still prevail.

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We hope this article has shed some light on the various symbols that have made Bird Box a hit among viewers. From the birds, the blindfold, the river, the creature, the house, and the ending, each symbol contributes to the film’s profound message of hope, resilience, and courage to face one’s fears. Thanks for taking the time to read our article, and we hope to see you again soon for more useful information!