Unveiling the Mysterious Meaning of What Does 7 White Horse Symbolize

Seven white horses galloping into view may seem like a peculiar sight, but throughout the ages, such a vision has held a deep significance. These equine creatures have appeared in various mythologies and religious traditions of diverse cultures. From Greek mythology to the Bible, the seven white horses symbolize different things. But one thing is certain; their presence is always seen as awe-inspiring and magical.

In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the seven white horses symbolize the seven stages of wisdom a person must go through to attain enlightenment. According to the Vishnu Purana, the horses represent the seven basic colors of the rainbow and the seven days of the week. The apocalyptic imagery in the Bible’s Book of Revelation describes seven white horses who usher in Armageddon and the end of the world.

Furthermore, the horse is an animal that holds dear to many cultures. To some, it signifies freedom, power, speed, endurance, and grace. It embodies independence and the ability to go the distance. There is a sense of adventure and wildness that is linked to the horse spirit. Combining this with the symbolic nature of the white horse creates a potent symbol that has the power to touch something deeply spiritual in us. It’s not hard to understand why this mystifying image has been captured in art, folklore, and literature over time.

Seven white horse symbolize purity, courage, and victory

The symbol of seven white horses has a rich and fascinating history. These horses have been featured in many cultures and religions as a symbol of power, strength, and purity. The color white signifies purity, while the number seven depicts completeness and perfection. When combined, they create a potent symbol of excellence and perfection.

  • Purity: White horses are commonly associated with purity, which makes them the perfect symbol for those who value moral righteousness and integrity. They are highly valued for their pure white coat, which represents innocence, goodness, and freedom from impurity. Seven white horses, therefore, symbolize a level of purity and righteousness that is hard to match.
  • Courage: White horses are not just pure, but they are also bold and fearless. They are known for their courage and warrior-like qualities. Seven white horses symbolize strength, power, and victory, which are qualities that require immense bravery. People who have seven white horses as their symbol can stand up against all odds, fight for what’s right, and emerge victorious.
  • Victory: Seven white horses are the symbol of triumph and success. When they are depicted galloping towards their destination, it represents a powerful victory and overcoming all obstacles. These horses signify strength, purity, courage, and the victory that comes from conquering all challenges and emerging as a winner. Their energy and speed represent progress and the possibility of achieving all that one sets out to do.

Overall, the seven white horse symbolizes an individual’s personal journey towards perfection. It represents the power of achieving purity, courage, and victory in all that one does. It applies to every aspect of life, whether it be personal, professional, or spiritual. This symbol inspires people to strive for excellence and reach their highest potential.

Biblical Significance of Seven White Horses

The Bible uses the symbolism of horses and the number seven to convey various messages throughout its passages. The image of seven white horses galloping across a plain is no exception. Let’s explore the biblical significance of these majestic animals and the number seven in the following sections:

Meaning of the Number Seven

  • Completeness: Seven represents completeness and perfection in the Bible. God created the world in seven days, consecrated the seventh day as the Sabbath, and spoke seven last words before dying on the cross.
  • Holiness: Seven also represents holiness and sanctification. The Israelites marched around Jericho seven times before the walls fell, and the book of Revelation mentions seven spirits of God and seven churches.
  • Restoration: In addition, seven represents restoration and reconciliation. The Jubilee year came every seven cycles of seven years, and debts were forgiven, slaves freed, and land returned to its original owners.

The White Horse

The horse is a symbol of strength, speed, and power in the Bible, and the color white represents purity, righteousness, and victory. In the book of Revelation, the rider on the white horse is identified as Jesus Christ, the victorious king who will conquer evil and establish his kingdom on earth.

Seven White Horses in Revelation

In Revelation 19:11-16, John describes a vision of heaven where he sees Jesus mounted on a white horse and followed by a vast army of angels and saints riding on white horses. They are preparing to wage war against the Beast and his armies and to establish God’s rule over the earth.

Horse Symbolic Meaning
White Purity, righteousness, victory
Red War, bloodshed, judgment
Black Famine, death, mourning
Pale Sickness, death, decay

This imagery of the seven white horses represents the complete and perfect victory of Christ over evil, and the restoration of all things in the new heaven and earth. It also shows the power and might of God’s kingdom, and the ultimate triumph of righteousness over sin and death.

Seven white horses in Hindu mythology

Seven is a significant number in Hindu mythology as it represents many aspects of spirituality and mysticism. The seven white horses symbolize purity, wisdom, strength, and grace. These horses are often associated with the sun, which is regarded as a powerful force that brings light and life to the world. In Hindu mythology, the horses are also a symbol of the seven basic human emotions and elements. Furthermore, the seven horses stand for the seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes in music, and seven worlds in the universe.

  • The Sun God – One of the most significant depictions of seven white horses in Hindu mythology is associated with the Sun God. The Sun God, also known as Surya, is believed to ride a chariot with seven white horses, which signifies the seven days of the week. The chariot represents the passage of time, and the seven horses signify the seven colours of the rainbow. The white horses are also a symbol of the bright light that surrounds the Sun God, and they represent the purity of his spirit.
  • The Seven Sages – Another instance of seven white horses appears in Hindu mythology, where the seven sages or rishis, are seen riding on them. The seven sages represent the seven basic human emotions and elements: anger, love, sadness, joy, fear, disgust and surprise. These emotions are an essential part of human life and one must learn to balance them in order to achieve inner harmony. The white horses, in this context, symbolize the strength and guidance required to navigate through life’s challenges.
  • The Chariot of Lord Krishna – Lord Krishna, one of the most revered Hindu deities, is often depicted riding a divine chariot with seven white horses. This chariot is a symbol of the soul’s journey towards enlightenment, and the white horses represent the purity and grace required to achieve this ultimate goal. Lord Krishna’s ride on this chariot signifies his spiritual mastery and the guidance he provides to his devotees on their own spiritual journeys.

The seven white horses bring forth a powerful spiritual message and are a symbol of the divine forces that watch over us. Their significance extends beyond Hinduism and can be seen in various cultures and religions. They inspire us to achieve inner peace and enlightenment, reminding us that with purity, grace, wisdom, and strength, any challenge can be overcome.

Below is a table summarizing the symbolism of the seven white horses in Hindu mythology.

Symbolism Description
Purity Represented by the white colour of the horses, symbolizing the purity of the soul
Wisdom The horses signify intelligence, clarity, and spiritual insight
Strength Represents the might and power necessary to navigate through life’s challenges
Grace Signifies the elegance and beauty of the spiritual journey

Overall, understanding the symbolism behind the seven white horses in Hindu mythology can provide guidance and inspiration for anyone seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Seven White Horses in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the number seven holds a significant meaning. It is considered a sacred number, associated with the seven wonders of the ancient world, the seven planets, and the seven classical elements. The symbolism of seven is also found in the mythological stories of seven white horses.

  • The Sun God Helios: According to Greek mythology, the Sun God Helios rode a chariot pulled by seven white horses across the sky, illuminating the world with his light. This imagery symbolized the sun’s journey from east to west, representing the transition from darkness to light.
  • The God of the Sea Poseidon: Another mention of seven white horses is found in the story of the God of the Sea Poseidon. It is believed that he once took the form of a horse and mated with a mare, resulting in the birth of seven white horses who became his loyal companions.
  • The God of War Ares: Ares is said to have ridden on seven white horses when he went to war, signifying his strength and power on the battlefield.

The image of seven white horses in Greek mythology represents different things, from the passage of time to the power and strength of gods. Even today, people continue to associate the number seven with luck and good fortune.

The Symbolism of Seven in Greek Mythology

Seven is not just significant in the context of white horses; it also holds significant symbolism in Greek mythology. Seven is considered the number of perfection, completeness, and prosperity. It is believed that gods and goddesses favor this number, making it essential in the religious and spiritual contexts of ancient Greece. Below are some examples of how seven appears in Greek mythology:

  • The god Apollo had a temple in ancient Greece, known as the “Temple of Seven” because it had seven of everything, from pillars to steps.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that there were seven sages and seven wonders of the world.
  • According to Greek mythology, there were seven gates to the underworld, and Cerberus, the three-headed dog, guarded it.

The Significance of White Horses in Greek Culture

White horses have been a symbol of purity, light, and divinity throughout various cultures in history. The ancient Greeks also held white horses in high regard, associating them with gods and heroes. The gods themselves were often portrayed riding on white horses, which also appeared in various stories of bravery and victory.

God/Goddess White Horse Symbolism
Helios Seven White Horses Light and Illumination
Athena White Warhorse Intelligence and Protection
Zeus White Charger Power and Authority

The significance of white horses in Greek culture has been passed down through generations, and they remain an emblem of purity, light and, divinity in various aspects of contemporary society, including religion, mythology, and popular culture.

Seven white horses in Chinese mythology

Mythology often uses symbolisms to portray particular meanings. In Chinese culture, the number seven and the color white hold significant value. And when combined, one of the most common symbols depicted is the image of seven white horses. Let’s explore what this symbolizes in Chinese mythology.

Meaning behind the number seven and the color white

  • The number seven is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese culture. It represents completeness, perfection, and harmony.
  • White symbolizes purity, honesty, and goodness.

Seven white horses in Chinese mythology

The most famous legend in the Chinese mythology, “The Seven Horses of the Sun,” is a story that tells the tale of how Hou Yi, a legendary archer, shot down nine scorching suns in the sky to save the earth from destruction. As a reward, the Goddess of the West gifted Hou Yi seven white horses.

These seven horses were believed to be faster than the wind and could travel a thousand miles a day. They were also considered to be an emblem of good fortune and a symbol of peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Relation to Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the seven white horses also have symbolic significance. It is believed that by placing an image of the seven white horses in the south sector of a house, it could bring success, luck, and fame to the household. It is also believed that it helps to gain victory over enemies and helps to enhance one’s reputation.


Symbolism Meaning
Seven Completeness, perfection, and harmony
White Purity, honesty, and goodness
Seven white horses Luck, good fortune, peace, prosperity, and happiness

The seven white horses, through their various depictions in Chinese mythology and ideology, display a powerful message of success, luck, and prosperity. The symbol of the seven white horses can be used to represent victory over one’s challenges and to promote a harmonious household. It is a beautiful and significant symbol that continues to hold a special place in Chinese culture.

Seven white horses in Native American culture

Horses have played a significant role in Native American culture for centuries. They were not only used for transportation and hunting but also symbolized different virtues and spiritual meaning. Among the various horse symbols, the seven white horses hold a unique significance in Native American history and culture. Let’s delve deeper into what the seven white horses symbolize.

The significance of the number seven in Native American culture

  • The number seven is considered sacred and divine in Native American culture, representing balance, completeness, and perfection.
  • Seven is frequently found in important cultural practices, such as the Seven Sacred Directions (East, West, North, South, Up, Down, and Within) and the Seven Sacred Rituals.
  • The Seven Sacred Rituals include the sweat lodge, vision quest, sun dance, puberty rites, healing, adoption, and burial, representing the different stages and cycles of life.

The spiritual meaning of seven white horses

The appearance of seven white horses in dreams, visions, and stories, represents spiritual enlightenment, personal power, and stability. It is believed that the seven white horses symbolize the highest level of spiritual purity and divine connection.

The seven white horses also represent the seven chakras in the human body. Each chakra is a spiritual energy center that connects the body, mind, and spirit. The seven horses symbolize the balance and alignment of these chakras, creating a harmonious flow of energy within the body.

The role of seven white horses in Native American rituals

White horses have been an integral part of Native American ceremonies and rituals, representing the spiritual power of the horse, an animal that is revered for its speed, strength, and endurance.

The seven white horses appear in many Native American rituals, such as the horse dance, a ceremony in which horses are honored for their spiritual connection to the divine. During the ceremony, warriors and dancers dress in traditional regalia and perform a series of traditional dance movements to honor the horse spirit.

Ritual Description
Ghost Dance A ritual dance to connect with ancestors and spirits
Sun Dance A celebration of the summer solstice and renewal of life
Vision Quest A spiritual journey of self-discovery and enlightenment

In conclusion, the seven white horses represent spiritual purity, personal power, and balance. They are a symbol of the divine connection between humans and nature, and their appearance in Native American rituals and traditions is a testament to their significance in Native American culture.

Seven white horses in Celtic culture

In Celtic culture, the number 7 held a significant meaning. It was believed to be a sacred number representing the balance between the material and spiritual world. Seven was a powerful number that appeared in many Celtic myths, including the story of the seven white horses.

In this myth, it is said that the goddess Epona, who was associated with fertility and horses, rode on seven white horses. These horses were believed to represent the seven stages of life and the seven colors of the rainbow. They also symbolized the connection between the human soul and the divine.

  • The first horse was named “Dawn” and embodied the beginning of life.
  • The second horse was “Youth,” representing growth and development.
  • The third horse was “Strength” and embodied physical and mental power.
  • The fourth horse was named “Warrior” and represented courage and bravery.
  • The fifth horse was “Wisdom,” signifying the accumulation of knowledge and experience.
  • The sixth horse was “Old Age,” representing the end of life.
  • And the seventh horse was named “Death,” representing the transition from the physical world to the spiritual realm.

The myth of the seven white horses reminds us of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of embracing every stage with grace and acceptance. It also highlights the spiritual connection between humanity and the divine.

In modern times, many people still hold on to the belief that seven is a powerful and lucky number. Whether you believe in the symbolic power of the number 7 or not, the myth of the seven white horses offers a profound lesson on the beauty and complexity of life’s journey.

Horse Meaning
Dawn Beginning of life
Youth Growth and development
Strength Physical and mental power
Warrior Courage and bravery
Wisdom Accumulation of knowledge and experience
Old Age End of life
Death Transition to the spiritual realm

Overall, the seven white horses hold great significance in Celtic culture and continue to inspire people today with their powerful symbolism.

The symbolism of white horses in different cultures

White horses have been revered in various cultures and religions as symbols of purity, courage, strength, and nobility. Their symbolism varies according to cultural beliefs, myths, and legends associated with them. In this article, we’ll explore the symbolism of white horses in different cultures.

The symbolism of the number 7

  • In Christianity, the number seven symbolizes perfection or completion. It is associated with the seven days of creation in the book of Genesis, the seven deadly sins, and the seven virtues.
  • In Hinduism, the number seven represents the seven chakras, or energy centers, in the body.
  • In ancient Greek mythology, there were seven wonders of the world and seven seas.

The symbolism of white horses in Greek mythology

White horses were associated with various gods and myths in ancient Greek culture. They were often depicted as symbols of power, purity, and divinity. Some of the prominent examples include:

  • Pegasus, the winged horse, was said to have been born from the blood of Medusa and was tamed by Bellerophon. He is often depicted as a symbol of wisdom, inspiration, and poetic imagination.
  • The chariot of Helios, the sun god, was driven by white horses. They were believed to pull the sun on its daily journey across the sky, signifying dawn, and dusk.

The symbolism of white horses in Celtic culture

In Celtic mythology and folklore, white horses were associated with the Otherworld, a magical realm inhabited by gods and mythical creatures. They were often depicted as messengers of the gods, carrying them between the mortal and divine worlds. The white horse was also a symbol of sovereignty and kingship, as it was believed that only the rightful king could ride a white horse.

Celtic deity Symbolism
Epona Goddess of horses, fertility, and prosperity
Rhiannon Goddess of fertility, rebirth, and the underworld
Macha Goddess of war, sovereignty, and fertility

The symbolism of white horses in Native American culture

White horses were revered by the Native American tribes as symbols of strength, freedom, and spiritual power. They were often associated with the Great Spirit or the Creator and were considered sacred animals. Some tribes believed that a white horse was a spiritual guide or protector, and riding one would bring good luck and blessings. The white horse was also a symbol of renewal and new beginnings, as it represented the changing seasons and the cycle of life.

Seven white horses in literature and art history

Throughout literature and art history, the image of seven white horses has held significant symbolism and meaning. Here are some examples:

  • Bible: In the book of Revelation, seven white horses are ridden by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who represent conquest, war, famine, and death. The horses are seen as symbols of purity and divine judgment.
  • Greek Mythology: The sun god Helios is often depicted driving a chariot pulled by seven white horses. They represent the days of the week and the chariot symbolizes the passage of time.
  • Chinese Zodiac: According to Chinese astrology, the seventh animal in the 12-year cycle is the horse. The color white is associated with purity and strength, making seven white horses a powerful and lucky symbol in Chinese culture.

Additionally, many artists have used the image of seven white horses in their work:

Salvador Dali: The Spanish surrealist painter created a series of lithographs titled “The Seven Lively Arts,” which include an image of seven white horses galloping through the sky.

Phidias: The Greek sculptor created a now-lost statue of Zeus at Olympia, which was said to depict the god riding in a chariot pulled by seven white horses.

Unknown Chinese Artist: A painting from the Qing Dynasty titled “Seven Horses” portrays the animals as an emblem of success and prosperity.

Symbolism Meaning
Divine judgment Seven white horses ridden by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Bible’s Book of Revelation
Passage of time Helios driving a chariot pulled by seven white horses in Greek Mythology
Luck and strength Seven white horses as the seventh animal in the Chinese Zodiac

The seven white horses have become iconic symbols in literature and art history, representing elements such as divine judgment, the passage of time, and prosperity. These iconic images have transcended cultural barriers, continuing to inspire and influence artists and writers today.

The significance of seven white horses in dreams and visions

Seven white horses are a powerful symbol that has been referenced in several cultures and traditions throughout history. It is believed that seeing seven white horses in your dreams or visions may have several meanings and interpretations.

The symbolism of the number 7

In various cultures and religions, the number seven is regarded as a sacred or mystical number. It represents completeness, perfection, and spiritual awakening. The number 7 is associated with the seven days of creation in the book of Genesis, the seven chakras in Hinduism, and the seven heavens in Islam and Judaism. Therefore, seven white horses may represent a complete or perfect spiritual experience.

Possible meanings of seeing seven white horses in dreams and visions

  • Spiritual awakening – Seeing seven white horses may indicate a call to be spiritually awakened. It may represent a desire to understand and connect with a higher power or inner consciousness.
  • Divine protection – Seven white horses may also represent divine protection. It may indicate that you are being watched over and protected by a higher power, especially during a time of turmoil or uncertainty.
  • New beginnings – Seven white horses may signify the beginning of a new phase in life. It may represent a fresh start, a new opportunity, or a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Strength and Power – White horses have long been associated with strength, purity, and power. Seeing seven white horses may indicate that you are tapping into your inner strength and power. It may also suggest that you have the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life.

More in-depth interpretations

The meaning of seeing seven white horses in your dream or vision may vary depending on the context and your personal beliefs. However, here are a few more in-depth interpretations:

Seven white horses may represent the seven stages of spiritual awakening, which includes the initial awakening, purification, enlightenment, divine consciousness, inner peace, oneness with nature, and enlightenment.

Number Interpretation
1 Unity, independence, or new beginnings
2 Balance, harmony, or partnership
3 Creativity, expansion, or unity of mind, body, and spirit
4 Stability, foundation, or the material world
5 Change, transformation, or freedom
6 Balance, responsibility, or service
7 Spiritual awakening, completeness, or perfection

Therefore, seeing seven white horses may signify the completion or perfection of your spiritual journey.

In conclusion, the symbolism of seven white horses in dreams and visions may have different meanings and interpretations depending on the context and your personal beliefs. However, it is generally regarded as a powerful symbol that represents spiritual awakening, divine protection, new beginnings, strength and power, and completeness.

FAQs about What Does 7 White Horse Symbolize

1. What do the seven white horses represent?

The seven white horses symbolize purity, spiritual enlightenment, and renewal. They are also a representation of the inner strength and the ability to overcome obstacles.

2. Why are there exactly seven horses in the symbol?

The number seven has a significant spiritual meaning in many cultures and religions. It represents completeness, perfection, and the cycle of life. Thus, the seven white horses are a symbol of the perfect, complete journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

3. What cultural or religious context does the seven white horses come from?

The symbol of seven white horses has originated from various cultures and religions worldwide. It is a representation of spiritual strength, rebirth, and purity in Hinduism, Christianity, Greek mythology, and Chinese culture.

4. What message does the seven white horses convey?

The seven white horses convey a message of hope, renewal, and the ability to overcome challenges in life. It signifies a journey of self-awareness and spiritual awakening that leads to inner peace and fulfillment.

5. What is the significance of the color white in the symbol of seven horses?

The color white in the symbol represents purity, innocence, and goodness. It reflects the state of being spiritually pure and unblemished, indicating the journey towards enlightenment and spiritual ascension.

6. Can the symbol of seven white horses be used for spiritual awakening?

Yes, the symbol of seven white horses can be used to awaken spiritual consciousness and awareness. It can be used during meditation or as a visual representation of the journey towards enlightenment.

7. How can the symbol of seven white horses be interpreted in modern times?

The symbol of seven white horses can be interpreted in modern times as a reminder to pursue a journey of self-growth and spiritual awakening. It represents the need to seek inner peace amidst the chaos of modern-day life.

Closing Thoughts

We hope these FAQs have helped you understand the symbol of seven white horses and its significance in various cultures and religions worldwide. This symbol reminds us that despite the challenges we face in life, there is always hope for renewal and spiritual growth. Thank you for reading, and please visit us again for more inspiring insights.