Unveiling the Meaning: What Do Crossed Arrows Symbolize?

When it comes to symbolism, crossed arrows have a long and fascinating history. These iconic images have been utilized by a variety of cultures throughout history to represent a wide range of concepts, including unity, danger, and even fertility. Whether you see them in a traditional Native American headdress or a modern tattoo design, crossed arrows remain a powerful symbol that continues to captivate people all over the world.

So what do crossed arrows symbolize, exactly? Well, the meaning can vary depending on the context and culture. For Native American tribes, for example, crossed arrows can represent a truce between warring groups, while in ancient Greece they were often associated with the god Apollo and his ability to protect against disease and affliction. In modern western culture, crossed arrows have become a popular design choice for jewelry, clothing, and even home décor, representing everything from a love of archery to a desire for adventure and exploration. With such a rich and diverse history, it’s no wonder these symbols have remained popular throughout the centuries.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of symbolism to your outfit or simply want to appreciate the cultural significance of these fascinating images, crossed arrows remain a powerful and intriguing symbol that continues to capture the imagination of people all across the globe. So next time you spot a pair of crossed arrows, take a moment to consider the history and meaning behind this iconic symbol – you never know what you might learn!

The History of Crossed Arrows Symbols

The cross arrows symbol can be traced back to ancient Native American cultures, where the arrows represented strength, protection, and the defense of oneself and one’s community. The Hopi people, for example, traditionally use the crossed arrows symbol as a sign of friendship and peace between tribes, representing a shared understanding and cooperation.

However, the symbol has also been used in other cultures throughout history. In medieval Europe, it was often used to represent ‘conflict’ or ‘war,’ while in Hinduism and Buddhism, it represented love and respect.

The use of crossed arrows as a modern-day symbol is also prevalent in various contexts, including fraternal organizations and military insignia. For example, the crossed arrows emblem is a common symbol for the U.S. Army Infantry, representing the bravery, skill, and strength of the Infantry soldiers in combat.

Native American Use of Crossed Arrows

The crossed arrow symbol holds great significance in Native American culture. It is a sacred symbol that represents many things, including unity, strength, protection, and friendship.

  • Unity: In Native American tribes, the use of crossed arrows as a symbol often represents the unity that exists between different tribes, clans, or families. It is a sign that despite differences in language, culture, and customs, the people are united in their common beliefs and values.
  • Strength: The crossing of arrows represents strength and the ability to withstand adversity. The arrows, when crossed, become harder to break, just as the unity of the people makes them stronger and more resilient.
  • Protection: The crossed arrow symbol was also used as a sign of protection. The Native American people believed that when they carried or wore the symbol, it acted as a shield that would protect them from harm or danger.

The crossed arrow symbol was also used in Native American artwork and as a decorative element in clothing and jewelry. The symbol was used to adorn various objects, including shields, war clubs, and pottery. The crossed arrows were considered a sign of honor and respect, and those who wore them were seen as brave and courageous.

Below is a table that lists the meanings associated with the crossed arrow symbol in various Native American tribes:

Tribe Meaning
Navajo Friendship and peace
Cheyenne Protection and courage
Sioux Power and strength
Hopi Connection to the spiritual world

The Native American use of the crossed arrow symbol shows that symbols have a deep meaning and hold great importance in culture and traditions. The crossed arrow symbol is a reminder of the importance of unity, strength, and protection, and it continues to inspire and empower people to this day.

Crossed Arrows in Military Insignia

Crossed arrows have been a part of military insignia for centuries, representing various aspects of an army’s mission and values. They can signify anything from strength and unity to marking specific ranks or divisions of a regiment. In this article, we will delve into the significance of crossed arrows in military insignia with a focus on three subtopics:

Symbolism in Military Unit Insignia

  • The 82nd Airborne Division’s patch features the crossed arrows reflecting the division’s parachute operations. The red and white design dates back to World War I.
  • The 7th Cavalry Regiment used the symbol of crossed arrows to mark its presence in the United States Army. It later served as a metaphorical connection to the Native American Scout and Cavalry era, the regiment was named after and served during the frontier expansion period in the United States.
  • The crossed arrows have been a common symbol in the U.S. Army’s Infantry Branch since the 19th century, representing the unit’s role as a protector and defender of American interests.

Crossed Arrows in Military Ranks and Awards

Crossed arrows have also been used in the military to indicate ranks and awards. In the United States Army, for example, crossed arrows are used as a symbol of rank for a Sergeant First Class, a high-level enlisted soldier. The crossed arrows are also found in the badge for the United States Army’s Expert Infantryman Badge.

The Anaconda Plan

In Civil War history, the crossed arrow design was essential in relaying intelligence through the Anaconda Plan; this would solidify the Union’s control of the Mississippi River and effectively cut the Confederacy in half. Two crossed arrows would represent Union forces joining together, separated by a diamond which would be a location on the Mississippi River. The two arrows pointed to the diamond would indicate where Union forces needed to concentrate their efforts. In this way, the crossed arrows conveyed a strategic message in times of war.

Crossed Arrows in Native American Tribes

The use of crossed arrows in military insignia has a connection to Native American tribes who also used the crossed arrow symbol in a few different ways. The crossed arrows were a common symbol among tribes, representing protection, strength, and unity. Tribes might use this symbol in their insignia or tribal emblems to represent themselves and denote bravery. They would often use it as a sign of peace among different tribes when negotiating.

Native American Tribes that use crossed arrows: Main Meaning:
Navajo Signified protection and good luck in hunting
Apache Symbol of protection and the shaman’s power to appeal to the spirits
Cheyenne Used in prayer and in ceremony by the warrior society. Also used for protection during warfare.

As you can see, the crossed arrows have long played an important role in military insignia and the history of warfare. Whether marking a particular rank, unit, or representing an aspect of strategy, the symbol of crossed arrows has been relied upon to convey strategic messaging and inspire the bravery of those who use it.

The Meaning of Crossed Arrows in Heraldry

In heraldry, the use of symbols is of great importance and the crossed arrows are no exception. This symbol has been present in the coat of arms of many ancient families, representing a wide range of meanings.

The Number 4: Balance and Equilibrium

The number 4 is often associated with balance and equilibrium, and it is not a coincidence that many crossed arrows designs feature four arrows specifically. In many cultures, four is known as a number of stability and order.

For example, in Native American culture, the four-arrow design evokes the four directions, the four elements, and the four seasons, representing the balance between them all. The crossed arrows symbol was also used as a peace offering between tribes, symbolizing a desire for balance and harmony.

  • The number 4 represents balance and stability
  • The four-arrow design evokes the four directions, elements, and seasons
  • Crossed arrows were used as a peace offering between tribes
Symbol Meaning
Four Arrowheads Balance and Equilibrium
Two Crossed Arrows Friendship or Alliance
Three Crossed Arrows Strength and Power
Five Crossed Arrows Unity

In heraldry, the use of crossed arrows is often specific to the number of arrows and the positioning of each. Here are a few examples:

– Two crossed arrows: Represents friendship or alliance

– Three crossed arrows: Represents strength and power

– Five crossed arrows: Represents unity

Each design carries its own meanings and tells a unique story, making the crossed arrows a versatile symbol in heraldry and beyond.

Crossed Arrows in Sports Team Logos

When it comes to sports logos, crossed arrows are a popular design element that has been used by many teams across different sports. The symbol has come to represent different meanings over time. In this article, we will explore what crossed arrows symbolize in sports team logos.

Crossed Arrows Symbolism in Native American Culture

The origins of crossed arrows can be traced back to Native American culture. The symbol was used to represent unity and strength in warfare. The crossed arrows were a sign of peace, indicating a truce or cooperation between tribes. In modern times, the symbol has come to represent tribal heritage and tradition. Many sports teams have adopted the crossed arrows symbol to pay homage to Native American culture.

Crossed Arrows in Sports Logos

  • The Kansas City Chiefs – The NFL team’s logo features crossed arrows and a Native American headdress. The design pays tribute to the team’s location in the heart of Native American country and symbolizes strength, determination, and courage.
  • The Atlanta Braves – The team’s logo features a tomahawk crossed with an arrow. The crossed arrows represent the Braves’ fighting spirit and warrior mentality on the field.
  • The Utah Utes – The college football team’s logo features a circle of feathers with two crossed arrows. The symbol pays tribute to the Ute tribe, who are native to the university’s campus area.

Crossed Arrows and Color Symbolism

In addition to the design element, the colors used in the crossed arrows logos can also have symbolic meanings. Red and black are common colors used in the logos and are often associated with strength, passion, and energy. Some teams, like the Utes, also incorporate the color white which symbolizes purity and peace.

Crossed Arrows and the Future of Sports Team Logos

The use of Native American imagery in sports team logos has been a contentious issue in recent years. Some teams have changed their logos to move away from the controversial imagery, while others have kept them as a source of pride and honor. As the conversation continues, it will be interesting to see how sports teams continue to incorporate the crossed arrow symbolism into their logos.

Team Sport Logo
The Kansas City Chiefs NFL Kansas City Chiefs logo with crossed arrows and Native American headdress
The Atlanta Braves MLB Atlanta Braves logo with tomahawk crossed with an arrow
The Utah Utes NCAAF Utah Utes logo with circle of feathers and two crossed arrows

Overall, crossed arrows symbolize unity, strength, and tradition. They have become a popular design element in sports team logos, particularly among teams paying tribute to Native American culture. The use of crossed arrows and other Native American imagery in sports team logos continues to be a controversial issue, but for now, they remain a powerful symbol of pride and honor for many teams and fans.

The Symbolism of Crossed Arrows in Romance: Number 6

Number 6 is all about balance, harmony, and stability. It’s considered a lucky number in many cultures and is often associated with love and family. When two arrows are crossed and form the number 6, it can symbolize the importance of balance and harmony in romantic relationships.

In relationships, it’s crucial to find a balance between individual needs and those of the partnership. Both partners should feel valued and respected, and their needs should be considered and met. The number 6 reminds us that a strong relationship requires balance and compromise to sustain itself.

When crossed arrows display the number 6 in a relationship, they may represent the importance of stability. The arrows can symbolize the relationship’s ability to withstand challenges, changes, and difficulties that may come up. It’s a reminder that a strong foundation and balance are crucial for a relationship’s longevity.

Symbolism of Crossed Arrows in Romance Number
Balance and Harmony 6

Overall, the number 6 in crossed arrows represents balance, stability, and harmony in a romantic relationship. It’s a reminder that balancing individual needs with those of the partnership is crucial for a healthy relationship. When a couple can find this balance and communicate effectively, they can create a strong foundation that can withstand any challenges that come their way.

Crossed Arrows in Tarot and Divination

In Tarot, the crossed arrows symbolize the balance between opposites and the need for balance in our lives. It also signifies friendship, partnership, and unity. The crossed arrows often appear in the Lovers card, representing the choice between love and commitment, and the importance of making a balanced decision.

The number 7 is also closely linked to the crossed arrows symbol in Tarot. It is the number of the Chariot card, which depicts a charioteer holding crossed arrows. The number 7 represents intuition, introspection, and spiritual development. It reminds us to trust our inner voice and follow our path.

What does the number 7 represent in Tarot?

  • Intuition
  • Introspection
  • Spiritual development
  • Wisdom
  • Awareness
  • Solitude
  • Perfection

Crossed Arrows and the Native American Culture

Crossed arrows have been used as a symbol in Native American culture for centuries. They were often used in tribal art to signify friendship, unity, and peace. In some tribes, they were also used as a hunting symbol, representing the hunt for food and survival. In other tribes, the crossed arrows were symbols of protection, providing strength and defense against evil forces.

The number 7 is also significant in Native American Culture, representing the Seven Grandfathers and the Seven Sacred Directions.

Crossed Arrows in Modern Culture

Crossed arrows continue to be a popular symbol in modern culture, often used to represent love, friendship, and unity. They appear in jewelry, tattoos, and home decor, serving as a reminder to stay connected to those closest to us.

Meaning Symbolism
Friendship Two arrows coming together to form a bond
Love Two arrows crossing each other, representing the choice to commit to one person
Unity Multiple arrows coming together as a group, representing the strength in numbers
Protection Arrows pointing away from each other, symbolizing defense against negative energy or evil forces

Overall, the crossed arrows symbolize balance, friendship, and unity across various cultures and traditions. The number 7 further emphasizes the importance of finding balance and trusting our intuition in all aspects of life.

Crossed Arrows in Tattoo Design

Crossed arrows are a popular tattoo design that have a rich history and cultural significance. In Native American culture, crossed arrows were a symbol of friendship, unity, and trust. They were often exchanged between tribes to show a commitment to peace. Today, this symbol has been adapted by various communities and has become a favorite tattoo design.

The Number 8

The number eight has been associated with crossed arrows in tattoo designs. This number is believed to represent luck, strength, and balance. In Chinese culture, eight is considered a lucky number because it sounds like the word for wealth. This number has also been associated with infinity due to the fact that it looks like an infinity symbol turned sideways.

  • Some people incorporate eight arrows in their tattoo design.
  • The arrows are often arranged in a circular pattern, with the tips pointing outward.
  • This design is often accompanied by other elements, such as feathers, dreamcatchers, or other Native American symbols.

The eight-arrow design can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the individual. Some people may choose this design to symbolize a personal connection to Native American culture or to represent their own journey toward balance and success.

If you are considering getting a crossed arrows tattoo, it is important to do your research and choose a design that is meaningful to you. This symbol has a rich history and cultural significance, and it is important to be respectful of its origins.


Crossed arrows are a powerful symbol that have stood the test of time. They have been used in many cultures and serve as a reminder of the importance of friendship, unity, and trust. Whether you choose to incorporate the number eight or not, a crossed arrows tattoo is a beautiful way to express your personal values and connection to this symbol.

Pros Cons
Symbolizes strength and balance May be cultural appropriation if not researched properly
Has rich history and cultural significance May be a trendy design with little personal meaning
Can be incorporated into a larger design or added to over time May not be as unique as other tattoo designs

Overall, a crossed arrows tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your body art. Consider the number eight and other design elements carefully, and be sure to choose a design that speaks to your personal values and experiences.

Crossed Arrows in Jewelry Design

Crossed arrows have been used throughout history to represent different things. In Native American culture, they symbolize friendship, while in Japanese culture, they represent the Samurai’s self-discipline and strength. In jewelry design, crossed arrows carry a certain meaning that connects with the wearer.

  • Number 9: The number 9 is a significant number in many cultures, including Norse and Hindu, where it represents completion and fulfillment. When used in jewelry with crossed arrows, it can represent the wearer’s achievement of their goals and aspirations.

Many jewelry designers use the symbolism of crossed arrows to create unique and meaningful pieces. The use of different materials, such as silver, gold, and gemstones, can also enhance the meaning behind the design.

Crossed arrow rings, bracelets, and necklaces are popular designs that both men and women can wear. These pieces can be great gifts for friends, loved ones, or even yourself to symbolize your bond or personal achievement.

When wearing crossed arrow jewelry, it is important to remember the message behind the design. Whether it be friendship, self-discipline, or personal fulfillment, the symbolism is a reminder to the wearer of their values and aspirations that they should strive for.

Material Meaning Behind the Design
Silver Wisdom and prosperity
Gold Wealth and success
Gemstones Strength and protection

Overall, the use of crossed arrows in jewelry design can represent different things to different people. It is a unique and beautiful way to symbolize values, bonds, and personal achievements that will never go out of style.

Crossed Arrows in Art and Decorative Design

Crossed arrows have been used as a symbol in various forms of art and decorative design for centuries. The symbol holds different meanings across cultures and time periods and has been used to represent anything from friendship and love to war and mortality.

One prominent example of the use of crossed arrows in art is in Native American culture. The symbol is often found on traditional clothing and adornments and is frequently seen in Native American tribal tattoos. In this culture, crossed arrows are a symbol of friendship, representing two paths coming together in harmony. It is often used as a reminder to choose the path of peace rather than war.

  • In Norse mythology, crossed arrows were a symbol of the god Ullr, who was the god of hunting, archery, and winter. His emblem was a bow and arrows, and it was believed that he could hit any target with his eyes closed. The crossed arrows were a representation of his prowess with the bow.
  • In Celtic culture, crossed arrows were a symbol of love. It was believed that if a person was hit by an arrow from the person they loved, they would fall deeply in love with them. The symbol was commonly found in Celtic artwork and was often used in weddings and other celebrations of love.
  • In the Victorian era, crossed arrows were a popular symbol in decorative design. They were often used as a motif in jewelry and as an emblem on clothing and household items. The symbol was thought to represent Cupid’s arrow, and it was a popular symbol among lovers.

Today, crossed arrows are still a popular symbol in art and design. They can be found in everything from tattoos to home decor. The meaning of the symbol has evolved over time, but it still holds a powerful significance in many cultures and communities.

To sum up, crossed arrows have been used in various forms of art and decorative design throughout history, representing different meanings across cultures and time periods. Whether it’s a symbol of love, friendship, or war, crossed arrows continue to captivate and inspire both artists and designers alike.

What Do Crossed Arrows Symbolize? – FAQs

1. What is the origin of the crossed arrows symbol?

The crossed arrows symbol has been used by various cultures throughout history, including Native American tribes, Vikings, and Tibetan Buddhism. Its origins are not traced to any particular source.

2. What does the crossed arrows symbolize in Native American culture?

In Native American culture, crossed arrows represent friendship, unity, and an alliance between two tribes. It can also symbolize a peaceful resolution to disputes.

3. What is the meaning of crossed arrows in love tattoos?

Crossed arrows in love tattoos symbolize a deep bond between two people. The design represents two intertwining paths that have come together as one.

4. What do the crossed arrows mean in Viking culture?

In Viking culture, crossed arrows symbolize ambition, power, and the pursuit of success. It also represents the warrior spirit and the desire for victory.

5. What does the crossed arrows symbolize in Tibetan Buddhism?

In Tibetan Buddhism, crossed arrows represent the crossing of the teachings of Buddha and the individual’s mind. It also symbolizes the union between wisdom and compassion.

6. What is the meaning of the crossed arrows symbol in modern culture?

In modern culture, crossed arrows are often used in logos, graphic designs, and fashion. It represents courage, strength, and determination.

7. Can I use the crossed arrows symbol in my own artwork or design?

Yes, you can use the crossed arrows symbol in your own artwork or design, but it is important to be aware of its cultural significance and history. It is advised to research its origins and meaning before using it to prevent any unintentional cultural appropriation.

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